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Oct 16, 2019
Wet Season wins Best Film & Best Actress at the Third Pingyao IFF led by Jia Zhangke and Marco Müller.
By Rediance

At the awarding stage for Wet Season the Jury contend that:

“Underneath the calm surface of everydayness, and told in an unhurried pace, this is nonetheless, a passionate film. The filmmaker pays affectionate, humorous and profound attention to the day-to-day life of the characters, their endless struggle, deep longings and painful losses. Throughout the trials of tribulations, the main characters' lives radiate a kind of deep inner hope that is not dependent on prognosis, but in living a life that is good and is worth treasuring.”

Regarding Yann Yann Yeo’s performance, the Jury contend that:

“In this calm, well-observed and understated performance, we experience the powerful intertone of the character’s turbulent inner world and passionate longings. Her nuanced portrayal of a parched soul with quiet dignity turns the mundane everyday life into a desperate yet sweet poem. We are inspired by the character to value and find beauty in the ordinariness of our lives and to live it with dignity”.

Wet Season also win’s the Cinephilia Critics’ Award organized by independent film critics, who conclude that:

“The film has used very professional photography techniques to present a sharp observation and complexity of Singaporean and Malaysian social issues. By continuing the previous craft of family life, the director has shown his sophisticated filmic ability, which is precious among Chinese young talents.”

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