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The Inglorious Dogs
A film by Hao Feihuan
Year|Post-production Country|China


After the accidental death of his father, Lee inherits the position as a rural squad chief and falls into self-redemption. He hopes to find out the truth behind. Meanwhile, he pursues achievements to prove himself. Lee wants so badly to break through the shackles of this small town. Neighborhood’s dogs are killed one after another. While searching for the killer, Lee’s squad discovers the long-hidden secrets of his father. Family, affection, career, friendship...... In front of the interests, nothing can withstand a single blow. The death of a man can be considered as important as the death of a dog. However, still someone will care about it.


Hao Feihuan

Hao Feihuan, screenwriter and director, graduated from Beijing Film Academy with a master degree in directing. His screenplay The Inglourious Dogs was selected by CDFG Young Director Support Program and BFA Master Project Foundation.


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