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A film by Li Xiaofeng
Year|2017 Duration|114 min Language|Mandarin Country|China World Premiere|Busan


In the late 1990s, a medical student and a steelworker become pen-friends when they chance upon the same copy of Leo Tolstoy's "Resurrection". Off the page, passion and hatred mingle and two murders are committed, and the two friends part ways. A young police officer starts to investigate, but in vain. A decade later, their paths crosses again. The last ten years have brought with them great change, each of the characters falling deeper into webs of vice and desire. They must choose the path to salvation, or the road to hell.


Li Xiaofeng

Li Xiaofeng was born in Hefei, China and studied filmmaking at Sint-Lukas Brussel. He is a renowned film critic and writer and has worked as screenwriter and leading actor on Zhang Yuan's Dada's Dance (2009, Sundance).
His directorial debut film Nezha (2014) was premiered in New Current Competition at Busan Film Festival and also nominated for Best New Director and Best Adapted Screenplay at Taipei Golden Horse Award.


Beijing BHBD Cultural Diffusion Co., Ltd.


Luo Jin, Xin Peng, Jiang Peiyao, Nie Yuan


Producers: Li Haihua, Xia Xinlei, Feng Rui
Executive Supervisor: Shen Yi
Script: Li Xiaofeng, Xu Zhanxiong, Shen Yi, Wang Mu
Cinematography: Joewi Verhoeven
Sound: Lu Ke
Editors: Liu Yueyue, Teng Yun
Music: Simon John Fisher Turner
Art Design: Wang Zhiqing, Hao Yongfeng


Busan International Film Festival
A Window on Asian Cinema

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